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About Unity

"Jesus expressed His divine potential and sought to show us how to express ours as well. Salvation is then the expanding understanding of one's innate divinity and perfectibility through living the consciousness demonstrated by our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ."

Unity is a worldwide Christian organization over a century old. Because of similarity in names, Unity has on occasion been confused with other organizations. However there is no connection between Unity and Unitarianism or the Unification Church. 

Unity is an extremely positive approach to life. God is seen as having attributes, and most importantly LOVE. Unity stresses that God is not a physical man in the sky, for this is limiting. As Jesus taught, God is Spirit, everywhere present, the one and only Presence behind, in and through all things, visible and invisible. Unity denies the existence of any power or presence opposed to God. It sees that there are evil appearances and suffering in the world, but ascribes these to our ignorance and erroneous use of God's laws of life.

Unity proclaims the divinity of Jesus but goes farther and assures that each of us are likewise a child of God and therefore divine in nature.



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