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Current Message Series

Dear Friends, 

 The coming of the Fourth of July quickens our hearts and stimulates our minds to remember that for two hundred and thirty eight years we in these United States have lived as a people free from the tyranny of outside governments and even of our own government.  To be sure, there has been a constant learning unfoldment that has corrected many subjugating practices.  Slavery has been abolished.  Oppression of any group on account of race or creed is being speedily wiped away.   We are reaching the day when we will declare that every person in America is freed in body, mind and spirit.

 Every day we are learning new lessons in the advantages and delights of living in liberty.  In human relationships, we are experiencing the harmony that comes from inciting ourselves into an attitude of independence which recognizes our interdependence on one another no matter what our roots or our beliefs.  We are learning the meaning of Christian brotherhood.

 In economics, we are reaping the benefits of opening our marketplaces to everyone.  The old way of forcing a group of people to work “cheap” is disappearing.  This has created an ever-expanding market and demand.  This, in turn, provides more and better paying jobs for all and allows the fruits of the marketplace to be shared by all.  It is truly free enterprise!

 There is not truth in the naysayers unless we become ourselves, naysaysers.  Today is the opportunity to make our futures even brighter.  We reaffirm our commitment to defend and declare our oneness with God from which our inheritance of freedom comes.

 God blesses us in this united cause.  

 In loving service,

 Frank and Margaret


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