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Dear Friend, 

It seems so predictably odd that politicians feel that people are so caught up in misery, poverty and geed that we all must be shaken out of that negative state by stopping one day each year to give thanks.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we reversed that and required that all nastiness, misery loneliness and avarice be limited to one day of thanklessness?

What a blessing the other 364 ¼ days would then be.  And there would be those who forget to celebrate “thanklessness day” just like there are those who refuse to participate in Thanksgiving Day.

But we don’t need that!  We are not ruled by politicians or anyone else.  Why, we can choose to be filled with gratitude every day, every moment of our lives.  In fact we are urged by God to gladly give up everything we have of greed, misery poverty, fear and sickness.  God’s promise is that, in exchange, we will receive security, comfort, abundance, joy and wholeness.

In essence we are to choose this day who we will serve---the politicians, the naysayers, doomsdayers and takers---or, we may choose to serve God the Good, Omnipotent

The choice starts with gratitude for the good you now experience in your life. So let go of all that is unlike good.  We then move to new relationships in all areas of life whether with God, our own self, other people or with the circumstances and events of life.  The greater your gratitude in your relationships, the greater is your immediate reward in life.

We pray that, during this Thanksgiving season,  you feel the most beautiful and wonderful blessings of God from all of us in Unity of Irving.

We are grateful for you

Frank and Margaret

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