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Dear Friend,

As you know, Unity is practical Christianity. What that really means
is that we demonstrate how to transmute a lovely life thought into real life
health, money, satisfaction and fulfilling relationships.
These processes of turning desire into reality have been available to mankind
since the beginning. Yet they have been seldom used in the historical era. It
makes us wonder why that is. Perhaps a part of the answer lies in the fact that
with language, spoken and written, people are able to pass on their fears and
mistakes, as well as their joys and successes.
Experiencing success and joy in life every day is great, but there is a tendency to
take it for granted until something comes along to disturb. Then, we talk and
write about the disturbing element. Doubt that? Just look in the history books.
Good times get a few lines but depressions, wars, starvation, dictatorship and
that sort of junk get the bulk of the space. Your TV news and daily newspaper
more than bear out this same tendency in everyday life.
No wonder we have become people concerned and fearful of the results of wrong
doing rather than consistently using our power and energy to produce good
results and joy.
Unity demonstrates that you do not have to be that way. You can be all you
desire to be and have what you desire to have---in spite of bad news and what
other people are or have or have happen to them. During August, well share
some Christ-based, practical techniques you can use to get success and joy in life
Join us you have everything to gain!
Together in Unity

Frank and Margaret






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