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Current Message Series

Dear Friends,


     For those of you who joined us in services and classes during the Easter Season, we pray you have clear proof of the abundance of God. We rejoice in the wonderful spirit of joy that each of us feels in the other. We are grateful for the many healings that are coming about among us—healings of body, mind and emotions of all kinds. We love the experiences of fulfilled prosperity and harmonized relationships that we share with each other.


     We open our hearts to those who cannot find peace within themselves or with others in the world. This is the time to redouble our prayers and actions for that peace that passes human understanding for ourselves and all others. We do not lose heart. We strengthen our faith. And we rejoice that we can pass it on.


     That is why we meet together—to share our assurance that God is good and, through that Spirit, to share that good with all who desire and will accept it.


   Remember! Spirit if always speaking to us to show us the most excellent way of Good. Sometimes a strong dose of hindsight will encourage us to increase our reliance in intuition that increases our more effective use of foresight. You know that is a really good way to insure a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy future…

                     We love you and pray with, and for, each of you!

                                               Frank and Margaret




Frank and Margaret



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Drumming Circle 3rd Thursday of each month @7:30 pm.Beginning the 3rd Thurs. @ 6:30pm, "How to make a Miracle" by the author Rev. Margaret Pounders
Sunday Morning 9:30 Class Raymond Holliwell' "Working With the Law"
New: Sunday Services on Utube: Unity Church of Irving, TX.Utube Don't miss any of Rev Pounders' talks!