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Current Message Series

Dear Friend,

During this season of thanksgiving, we have much to celebrate.  We celebrate a church that brings a message of Truth and Light that makes the Christ live in every heart.  We are citizens of a nation of freedom and opportunities.  We share blessings of material and spiritual good.  We are sure you can add to that list.

 Yet, in spite of our blessings, many people are not happy and have less than delightful experiences in their lives, particularly in relationships.  Most likely all of us have experienced tension, if not downright conflict in nearly every human relationship we have had.

 Have you noticed that the more conflict and tension you feel in a relationship, the more superficial your contacts with that person become?  Almost everyone will try to keep from “getting into it” but there just seems to be no way to avoid a fuss.

 Why do you suppose these conflicts and tensions arise?  Who is at fault?  Can things ever be the same again?  Is there any way to keep it from happening again?  Why does it hurt so much?

 Well, we know that we have gifts from God that we could be using for just that purpose. We will chat about some of those powers in November, such as Imagination, power, forgiveness and prosperity.  (No, we won’t forget Thanksgiving.  It’s just too good to pass up).

 Our prayer is that these explanations will equip you with practical, logical techniques and concepts that will ease the suspicions and tension, minimize conflict and fears and being peace and joy back into even your most disturbed relationship.   Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

God bless you, 

Frank and Margaret







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