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Dear Friend,

Christmas is the traditional time of gift giving and receiving; the time of sharing, not only material means but also spiritual blessings.  It is the time of good will andpeacefulness; a time to turn to God and a time for renewal.Of course, all of these acts, thoughts and feelings of goodness should be practicedevery day of our lives, but it is wonderful  to have a season in which all people are reminded that the source of all there is, is that One we call “God”; and to focus onthe Truth that everything we are and have is born in us as a gift of God through ChristRegrettably, there are people who have lost the message of Christmas in their hearts and minds and acts. The good news, however, is that we – each of us – can help those to find the joy of God again.That’s what we will share in December.  We will reconfirm and reestablish in our own lives the wonder of Christmas and learn news ways to share our gifts from God with mankind.From the depths of our being we salute the Christ in you and know with you the joy of God’s gifts and the fulfillment of every renewing prospect for the coming new year.God truly blesses you!Frank and Margare

Frank and Margaret







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