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Dear Friend,

During September we have a multitude of opportunities to experience together our spiritual and physical aspects of life.

Labor Day, September 4, celebrates the part our physical contributions make to the world, not only in the life of others but in our own lives as well.

We are designating Sunday, September 13 as Friendship Sunday.  It is a perfect time to find and be a friend to others of like mind.  It is also a wonderful reminder that being a friend to all people fills our own heart with the experience of love and joy.

World Day of Prayer is not just for a particular day but all days.  Yet it is good to have the whole world praying at the same time.  It is a time of bringing together all people in a God-inspired vision of healing and spiritual growth.  Think of that, individuals like you and us putting aside all differences and joining heart and mind at the soul level to bring about change for good in all the world.

And, of course, there is the satisfaction that our children are back in school learning how to be productive citizens.  There is also the balance that Church School and church services and classes bring to us all.  It guides us in living our lives inwardly and outwardly to the richest of fullness.

In these ways we know that God is blessing and enriching our life.  Give thanks!

In Christian Friendship,


Frank and Margaret







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