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Dear Friends,

February is the month that hearts go all aflutter around Valentine’s Day; actually both before and after the 14th.  It is heartwarming to observe (or participate in) the giddiness of couples matching up.  Yet there is a more meaningful side of this idea of love.  For we use the month to recall the Truth that we have from the Bible and from those wonderful spiritual pioneers who have brought greater understanding to true love.  We review the idea that God is love.  Love then has its spiritual aspect as well as the human aspects.  For example, “God is love” denies any truth to condemnation or hatred on God’s part.  “God is good” shows us our source for all things that helpus.  In sum, God is the source of life itself and all creation, including humans.  So we are made up of God.  That means we are inbued with the loving and good qualities of God---wisdom, power and presence. So the Bible and common sense guide us into putting God first so we will have a wonderful, satisfying life. Jesus showed by his life and teachings that we should love God, love our neighbor and ourselves.  The hardest part of that is loving ourselves.  But that is the order from God.  So we need to learn how to truly do that.Jesus also insisted upon joy rather that sorrow.  His last gift to the disciples was hisjoy that it might be their joy too.  We should learn the techniques for adding great gods of joy to our own lives in every situation.A large part of Jesus’ ministry was in returning good health.  He showed us the means by which we too could return our own selves to health and help others to do likewise.  Each of us can utilize his wisdom in eliminating those factors that create ill health and adding the positive means of replacing the ill with the whole.If that interests you, then come each Sunday in February and find the answers for yourself

.Happy Valentine’s Day (and life)

Frank and Margaret



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