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Dear Friend,

Many factors enter into our lives to make them what they are.   Sometimes these “factors” seem to be an act of pure fate and out of our control.  We are tempted to call these “luck” (good or bad).  Sometimes they seem so trivial we wonder how they can end up being so important.  Sometimes we recognize these factors and understand the process they take us through.  Thus, being able to recognize the factors of life leads us to an understanding of how to control and direct those factors into good for ourselves and others.

They are not luck.  They are not trivial.  They are an integral part of “Principle”.  As such they are inherently good and can always be used in your life for your spiritual and manifest good.

If that sounds arcane or absolute or non-applicable to you, then join us each Sunday morning as we demonstrate how you can recognize, energize and work with such factors as spiritual law, omnipotence, judgement and forgiveness to bring about wondrous changes in your life.

We enfold you in our love.  We agree with you as you powerfully bring forth your desires for your life.  We harmonize with you in your peace as it wells up joy and binds us all in brother/sisterhood.  We experience wholeness of body, mind, emotion and spirit with you as our souls touch.  We know with you that God is good!  Thanks be to God for these wonderful gifts!

In Unity together,

Frank and Margaret






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Drumming Circle 3rd Thursday of each month @7:30 pm.Beginning the 3rd Thurs. @ 6:30pm, "How to make a Miracle" by the author Rev. Margaret Pounders
Sunday Morning 9:30 Class Raymond Holliwell' "Working With the Law"
New: Sunday Services on Utube: Unity Church of Irving, TX.Utube Don't miss any of Rev Pounders' talks!