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Current Message Series

Dear Friend,

You may be one of the many people who has wished that there were some way to gain control of your life.  You may have been going along thinking that thoughts are independent agents that can intrude themselves into your mind at any time and demand that you must not only pay attention to them but also that you must take some action in their behalf.  In other words, you may really believe that thoughts control your life.

Perhaps you believe that you experience the emotions of your life because “that’s everybody feels when that happens”.  You might, for example, believe that you must experience fear and all the symptoms of tight stomach, pounding heart, etc. when you come into a threatening situation.   You may believe that love has left your life because you no longer experience that emotional excitement in the presence of one who once provided such a thrill.

Perhaps you believe that the events of your life are either fore ordained or strictly by chance.  Either way, you would believe that you have little or no control over what happens to you.

We pray that you do not fit any of these profiles.  But if you do, know this:  The Truth from the bible, from the example of the life of Jesus, and the everyday lives of countless millions is that you have the power to toss out any thought that is not of your own devising or desire.  You have the power to judge all circumstances rightly, so that you can see that there is no threat, there is no loss of love.   You have the power to generate an attitude in which your emotional experiences are positive and uplifting.  You have the power to shape and alter circumstance in such a way that it brings blessings to all concerned.

This is the Truth.  Each of us is, as Jesus declared, one with God.  Thus, we share the Master Mind of God, the Omniscience of God.  This “Master Mind” is creative, controlling and constant.

During our time together in May, We will share ways to live more fully in the realization of our God Mind Source and ways to work in harmony with God’s will (Mind) for greater and greater creativity, control and constancy in our life.

You have been blessed by your mother, give her your blessing in return,

Frank and Margaret






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