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Dear Friend,

This entire month of March falls in the traditional period of Lent and leads us in the first Sunday of April to Easter.  There is no Biblical reference to any ritual connected to the time period.  Yet it is always a good thing to recall the events leading up to Easter and the resurrection. Of Jesus.  You can think of it as a lived-out parable of personal immortality which is the heritage of all people.

There is, however, more to immortality than just living forever.  Quantity of anything is meaningless unless there is quality.  Jesus wanted his disciples to totally understand the value of, and the way to, the highest quality of life under all conditions and under all circumstances.

Thus, in this short period, he focused on not only the assurance of eternal life but the quality of life in the eternal now. He showed them the majesty of the transfigured life, and lived the dignity of the transfigured life in everyday activities.  He let them experience with him the magnificent joy of shared childlike, open, receptive love.  He helped them through the anxiety of any need to dominate, and into the satisfaction of selfless service.  He challenged them to faith through the power of wholeness and prospering, which his own faith demonstrated.  He proved that peace is from within and, thus, is maintained in the heights of human adulation and the depths of human rejection.  He swept away any need of fear from death by his own resurrection from death.

You may add further to you own growing realization and joy of personal immortality by reading Charles Fillmore’s “Keep a True Lent” following up during Holy Week with Earnest Wilson’s “The Week That Changed the World.”

We love you and count it the greatest of joy in our lives that we may know and serve with you in peace, abundance and wholeness.  We look forward to a glorious Easter experience.

Together in Unity, 

Frank and Margaret




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