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Current Message Series

Dear Friend,

Sing “Hallelujah” for Easter has come again! All outdoors attests to the validity of the ever renewing Easter resurrection experience.  What was dead is again alive and growing.  Spring cries out its noisy, gladsome news of another cycle of life in all areas. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, these appearances ae a reconfirmation of the larger, more wonderful cycle of life, the cycle in which you and we are principles.  It is the cycle that Jesus demonstrated for us in the resurrection experience.

What more wonderful and meaningful way to re-establish his great gifts to us than by reliving the whole drama of the events leading up to and including Easter?  Jesus’ resurrection confirms our own eternality.  Doesn’t that make a mighty difference in your life?

Did you ever stop to think where we would be as humans if Jesus had looked around and said, “The job is too big.  What difference can one person like me make, anyway?”  Thank God he did not.  And thank God that you are not either.  You are taking responsibility; you are causing good to be done; and you are building a life of joy, peace, wholeness, freedom and prosperity for yourself.

We want to share with you this happiness.  Glorious Easter!!!!!

God is blessing you!

Frank and Margaret




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