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Dear Friend, 

We live such compartmentalized lives that it is very difficult to see that the vast number of riches in our lives are, in reality, a synchronized and unified whole. This is exemplified by our relationships.  We have passing acquaintances, marriage mates, distant relatives and close kin, business associates, non-relationships (I can’t stand being around that person), and so on.

Yet, Jesus told us to  “love your neighbor as yourself” (and even helped define “neighbor”).  As such, we know “neighbor” includes those in our own household and extends to those whose faces we have never seen or whose language we cannot understand.

It is quite a dilemma, but not one that can’t be resolved.  You can live in a state of at-one-ment with all people and still choose your intimate friends and mate, and still choose to live apart from certain people.

There is no real mystery to this. It is, of course resolved by an attitude of at-one-ment, rather than trying to crowd all of the people of the world into your own life and affairs.  Maybe it’s not even as complex as an attitude.

Perhaps it is merely a total and undeniable realization that “the Father and I are one.”  Jesus discovered this as Truth and lived naturally as the Christ.  He did not have to work at it or strive for it.  He knew his at-one-ment and it unified his whole life into an unbroken bond of love with God and humanity.

Jesus’ promise is that each one of us is one with God, right now.  With directed and focused energy, we, too, can come into full realization of our own at-one-ment with God.  That’s enough.  After all, God is all there is.

Let us unite in consciousness to find our own oneness and our own togetherness each Sunday in June.  We’ll gladly include a salute to fathers.   Join us.

God is blessing you!

Frank and Margaret




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