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Current Message Series

Dear Friend, The blessings of the Christ Spirit are never more evident than during the Easter season.  New life appears.  Growth is everywhere. Color bursts forth in magnificent hues and covers the world.  The music of the earth creates a symphony of unmatched beauty. Inside of each of us there is a deep stirring, and excitement that urges s to creativity and action.   We are raised up to heights of joy and love.  The old false ideas of negativity, guilt and failure are crossed out.


As we are told again the story of the resurrection, the proof of our own immortality, we say, with Jesus, of those who bring us pain, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  Even though we have erred in the past we are forgiven by the Christ and hear the glad news, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”


Though we have been dead to a realization of our oneness with God, we are resurrected into the light and new life with the Lord.

This is Easter.  This is the time of rising out of the tomb of materiality and into spiritual life.  Our wish for you is that it be Easter every moment of your eternity.

Join us for this timeless celebration.

God is Blessing your now!  

Frank and Margaret 

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