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Dear Friend,
Each of us needs to know the secrets to full and complete life and how to make
them real in our lives. We need to know that we are free—not bound to the
mistakes of the past. We need to know that it is God’s desire that we make full
use of the abundance of the good things of earth. We need to know that, not
only does God never brings disease or illness on people, but also that God is the
Great Healer, ever wai"ng to return us to wholeness We need to know that God’s
purpose for us on earth is the a#ainments of true and las"ng joy. We need to
know from personal experience God’s peace in our lives. We need to come into
complete awareness of our eternality and oneness with God.
The life and teachings of Jesus give us the secret to all this knowledge. And the
drama of the last few weeks of his life highlight and actualize these Truths in
prac"cal, down-to-earth ways so that we too may experience and share this
Join us in this Lenten period as we explore together his great secrets of victorious
life. In this way. We can share together the most glorious Easter of our lives


God is blessing you right now!


Frank and Margaret Pounders




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