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Dear Friend,

We all want to experience victory in our lives. Usually that implies winning a competition of some sort.  In Truth, however, the greatest victory is when there is no competition, no struggle, and no pain.

For most of us, life at some point took on the appearance of a hard fight—a struggle to get enough money, to stay well, to hold meaningful relationships together or even just to remain sane.

Too many people lose themselves in that fight.  They spend all of their energy in a defense against the onslaught of daily problems and have none left for breaking free into “safe territory”.  Victory becomes survival for another day, money for the coming week, or avoiding direct confrontations with adversaries in home, business or mind.

Yet the teaching of Jesus would give us victory without the fight, for Jesus showed us the Truth about our fears defensiveness and delusions.  He taught that these disappear (no longer make an appearance in your life) when you develop your faith in the reality of your personal oneness with God.

God is all good, all power, all wisdom, all love, all substance.  This Spirit is integral with you; thus providing you with not only safety and survival amid the tumult of the world, but also with dominion and creativeness.  This allows you to use even the most terrible appearing condition as force for good for yourself and all others.

During the Sundays of October, we will explore the Truth as taught by Jesus and some of the great students of Truth.  From them we learn how to awaken our faith in God, how to get our consciousness in full allegiance with God through faith, and some practical ways to apply Truth into our world and joy-filled success and victory.

We look forward to sharing with you.

In the spirit of victorious life,

Frank and Margaret


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