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Current Message Series

Dear Friend, When we look back on the events of our lives, almost invariably there will be one special, wonderfully satisfying occasion that will jump back into mind. We savor that memory—not so much for its happy outcome as for the simple fact that we applied wisdom to what could have been a disaster to make it a victory. At that time you made the wise difference because you had the wisdom to foster forgiveness, or you brought and unruly situation back to harmony, or you judged what action to take correctly. Was that an accident, or do you always have the power of wisdom at your command? Now, wisdom doesn’t mean “book learning”. Wisdom is the fitting together of the pieces of life to make them meaningful and whole. While all of us many not have “book” Knowledge, all of us can and should have wisdom. And we should apply that wisdom for our good and the goodof all affected by our decisions and actions. We make decisions and we act every day. That is a requirement of life. How we make the decisions and actions wise is another matter. It need not remain that way. You have wisdom as a gift from God. You may have allowed all sorts of things to stand in your way of your realizing and applying that wisdom. Now is the time to remove those barriers. During August we will show you some workable and dependable guidelines to applying wisdom to every event, so you can make your future a marvelous sea of satisfying memories. God is blessing you right now! Frank and Margaret


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