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Current Message Series

Dear Friends,

 This month we continue Lent and end with the sublime victory of Easter.

 During this period Jesus moved steadily from his transfiguration experience to resurrection.  What change Jesus experienced during the transfiguration we do not know.  We do know, however, that he put aside any cloaking of his Christ-hood from that moment on.  We know he openly rode into Jerusalem to “Hosannas” instead of the “hushes” he had previously to those he healed.  We know he was ready for a face-to-face confrontation with temple leaders and to experience death.

 We can be like Jesus, if we will.   We can each ascend the heights of spiritual consciousness from which we can see that the true habitation of peace (Jerusalem) is the only place for us.

 From that vantage point we see that threats to the body or even destruction of the body can not take away this peace.  It is the peace that comes from knowing absolutely that the world is but an appearance, the composite sum of all men’s thoughts.  It is the peace of seeing beyond this worldly appearance to the very truth of our being.  In this state we inwardly experience serenity amid outside turmoil; joy in spite of manmade injustice; calm in worldly calamity; wholeness in seeming disintegration; and love in the caldron of seething human hate.  This was the vision and the decision of Jesus.  You can see it and bring it about in your life too!

 What better time than during Lent, Holy Week and Easter to symbolically and factually attain total victory over the negative phase of the world and to resurrect ourselves into that perfect person who God, from the beginning, intends for us to be?  The time is now.  The person is you.  The place is here.  Let us go straightway into the habitation of peace and dwell there forevermore.

 God is blessing you as you travel His Way of Oneness,


Frank and Margaret


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