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Dear Friend, 

Dear Friends,  No one day, month or even year can control all of the joy and majesty of freedom.  We do however focus our outward celebration of our thankfulness and gratitude for our outward political freedom.  It is also a good time to rejoice in our inward liberty that truly sets us free.

It is significant that we have chosen the Fourth of July—the day in 1776 when a group of men declared their independence and the freedom of all the other people of the land.  On the surface it was a laughably ridiculous thing to do. The powers of England were not about to release the riches of their colony in the new world.

 There was no army to fight the British, who supplied most of the goods the colonists needed.

Yet there was belief in the dream.  The impossible became the real.  So it is with us.  Often we see ourselves the addict of a habit, slave to desire, bound to a source of supply and the helpless servant to circumstance.  It appears that nothing can be done to free us.  Then we make a simple declaration of independence. We ally ourselves with God in trust and expectation.  Miraculously, we begin to move to the light.  The addiction breaks.  The desire is overcome.  New sources of supply appear. Circumstances begin to come under our power.  We are free!

Because we believe and practice freedom of God, we are free.

Perhaps we need to learn more of the way of the freedom in our lives, more of how to assure that freedom for our children and for those not yet born.  Let’s fine the way together each Sunday in July by the enriching realization  of the great aspects of freedom—independence, commitment, denial, Grace and choice.



Frank and Margaret






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